Advertising For Change

Advertising For Change is a coalition of Atlanta advertising and marketing agencies committed to Diversity & Inclusion as a means for better business for our agencies, our clients and the city of Atlanta. We will attract, mentor and retain talent from all over the world, not only to cement Atlanta as the city for diverse advertising and marketing professionals, but to also set a new standard that crosses industry lines.”

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Latest Event

  • AFC Live March 19 event: Identify Theft: Postponed
    Join us on Thursday, March 19, at Fitzco in Atlanta to discuss cultural, corporate and individual influences that are threatening identity & cultural expression, and what changes we (in advertising and as individuals) can make to protect it.

Our Programs

Advertising for Change approaches our outreach to diverse talent by targeting three specific areas: 

  • High school students
  • Entry-level and college grads
  • Professionals already working who have transferable experiences and skills relevant for ad careers  

We plan our programs to be of value in providing knowledge and information, career opportunities, as well as networking and mentor connections.

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