MAIP Atlanta Interns work to build awareness for the Future Foundation

August 2019 – This summer, 8 4A’s MAIP interns participated in the AFC MAIP program in Atlanta. Each Wednesday, the interns rotated between the four agencies within the AFC coalition – Moxie, Fitzco, 22Squared, and JWT – getting opportunities to learn about each agency’s clients, work, and culture. They also met with panels of professionals, mentors, and executives from each agency and had candid conversations about advertising in Atlanta. 

The interns spent the summer working collaboratively, competing on two teams to solve a client challenge and create a campaign addressing the client’s needs. The client this year was Future Foundation, a local non-profit working to provide quality education, health, and life skills programs to Atlanta youth from lower income areas. By working together and applying skills they learned at the MAIP workshops, agency rotations, and their individual internships, the intern teams created and presented two robust campaigns that answered the client’s challenge: to raise awareness about Future Foundation’s summer program.

Find out more about the Future Foundation at

The interns then flew to New York City for the 4A’s Face of Talent event, where they attended career fairs, agency immersion, and a luncheon over the course of 5 days. At the Face of Talent luncheon, the AFC Intern of the Year, Taylor Torok, was awarded four full-time offers from each of AFC’s four agencies and was given the option to choose what agency she wanted to work for. For a recap of the Face of Talent event, visit: