Diversity | Inclusion | ATL

I know there are a lot of obstacles for multicultural individuals in our industry, and those obstacles are very real. But right now the industry needs to diversify.  
Talent, hard work and hustle win out. Get in and get great. We need you.

Matt Woehrmann
AFC Founder

“We have as much responsibility to reflect our community as we do our clients’ brands and our own bottom lines.”

Spence Kramer
AFC Founder

AFC was born out of need. It is important that agencies reflect the make up of both our nation and our local community.”

Brandon Murphy
AFC Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, 22squared

“We’ve attracted talented interns from across the country interested in seeing what Atlanta has to offer.”

Solange Claudio
AFC Founder and President, COO, Zenith. I. Moxie. I  MRY

Who We Are

Our agencies have come together with the goal of bringing diversity and more of our city’s culture into the advertising industry.

What We Do

We work to support and educate young multicultural talent on a career in advertising, and we will provide them with the guidance, network and tools to set them up for success.

Why We Care

If we as marketers and advertisers want to truly represent our consumers, we need to lead the charge as a city in changing the face of our industry. In order to do that, we need to continue to strengthen our diversified perspective through educating, recruiting and retaining multicultural talent.