Programs for High School Students

Richard Ward, chairman and CEO of 22squared, speaks to high school students as part of the 2018 AdCamp ATL program.

AdCamp ATL

AdCamp is a one-week program that introduces students in grades 10-12 to the many facets of advertising — strategic planning, the creative process, media management, account planning and more. During the week students receive lessons in teamwork, presentation skills, networking and interact with advertising professionals and college professors.

Programs for College Students and New Grads

Face of Talent

AFC traveled to NY on August 5 and 6 to attend the 4A’s Foundation 2019 Face of Talent (FOT) event, to support and honor the 235 fellows of this year’s Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP).

The agenda of events this year featured a Diversity Career Fair and MAIP Greenhouse; the Society of Excellence Awards, recognizing alumni achievements as well as the FOT luncheon, celebrating and recognizing the MAIP fellows of 2019.

At the FOT luncheon, AFC awarded a full-time career opportunity to the winner of the Atlanta AFC MAIP summer intern program.  Taylor Torok was chosen and  selected FitzCo as her new, full-time employer.

MAIP Summer Intern Program

Over four decades ago, our industry association, the 4A’s, created the Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP).  The 4A’s MAIP mission is to provide the advertising industry with the best talent through world-class development opportunities.  AFC member agencies have committed to partnering with the 4A’s to host at least one to two (or more) interns per agency each summer.  

Throughout the summer, the MAIP interns rotate to each AFC agency on a weekly basis and get to experience and learn from the industry experts at each company.   

The student interns are divided into teams and given a summer project where they must work together to create actionable campaign ideas for an Atlanta area non-profit by the end of the summer.  Interns graduate the program with real work for their portfolios, along with the opportunity to win a full-time role at the AFC agency of their choosing.

Programs for Working Professionals

AFC Live Presents:
Using your Platform to Evoke Change

Sept. 19, 2019

ACC Live is where we invite students and professionals to mingle with advertising professionals in a networking setting. We’re gearing up for our next event and we want this one to spark conversation and ultimately encourage people to take action.

The topic is using platforms to evoke change. Whether a big brand, advertiser, marketer or a consumer, we all play a role in getting all types of messages out into the world. But how do we use our platforms to create change, whether big or small. The insight here is that we’re all advertisers, really. What you believe is your brand, and the channel you use to put those beliefs into the world is your platform.

Our purpose here is to empower people to identify their spheres of influence and use them to give rise to change. The event will be held at 22squared, which is fitting because our age.

Advancing Women in Marketing Technology, presented by AFC Live and VivaTech

May 1, 2019

In May 2019, AFC hosted a discussion of the value and variables of succeeding as a female in a marketing technology career. Our speaker and panelists shared their unique career paths, insights and advice on what it takes to thrive in this typically male-dominated industry.

Among the topics we covered:

  • Recognizing your inherent strengths and advantages
  • Stopping potential career blockers
  • Identifying and learn how to maximize opportunities
  • Building your network and make connections

The Panel and Speakers

  •  Nicole Chopin, Director of Consumer Exp. Consulting
  • Sasha Collier, VP of Data Engineering
  • Cassie Elder, Digital Transformation Leader
  • Amy Kuznicki, VP of Product Management
  • Jodi Phillips, VP of Intelligence
  • Rania Renno, Technology Solutions Consultant

VivaTech is a Publicis Groupe Business Resource Group (BRG) for women in technology and digital-related fields and their allies. With the ever-changing technology landscape, VivaTech looks to provide its members with ongoing learning opportunities, career opportunities and executive coaching.